These are some of my favorite links. I hope that you will enjoy them also.

Medieval Clothing Links
Briana's Clothing Page   Baroness Briana webpage. Has good Italian information as well as articles by many other costumers.
Atlantia's Clothing and Costuming Links  A site that has a large number of websites on various styles and time periods.
Renaissance and 17th Century    Great general information
The Milanese Tailor's Handbook   Drea Leads site on Il Libro del Sarto, referred to in English as "The Tailor's Book"
Elizabethan Costume:History and Technique  Margo Anderson's web page
The Renaissance Tailor  Great site with much information
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor  Lots of information on Viking clothing, textiles, cooking and foodstuffs, and physical culture.
Reconstructing History  Kass McGann's web page about Japanese, Irish, Polish , and German costumes
Medieval Clothing Pages: Articles and essays of interest to costumers  Cynthia Virtue's web page
The Elizabethan Costuming Page    Drea Lead's web page
Eva's Costuming Page  Has information on Flemish clothing.

General Sewing Links
Viking and Saxon Stitches   Good explanation of the basic sewing stitches used during the Middle Ages
Historical Needlework Resources  The purpose of this site is to be a resource centre for those interested in the study and practice of pre-16th century(Dark Ages, Medieval and Renaissance) needlework/embroidery and its techniques.
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor   Þóra Sharptooth's web page.
Anglo Saxon Embroidery  Information on Anglo Saxon Embroidery including extant examples.

SCA Links
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA)  The main Society for Creative Anachronism webpage/
Kingdom of Calontir  The webpage for my kingdom - Calontir
Shire of Dun Ard  The webpage for my local group - the Shire of Dun Ard.
Modar's SCA Page  Modar has many wonderful things on his pages. He is especially well known for his heraldry. He is also known for his gaming.

Things Scottish
Articles and Resources on Scotland   This is a collection of articles and resources aimed at anyone interested in Scotland between A.D. 500 and 1603.
All Things Scottish  Information about Scottish dress especially the kilt and tartans
The Gaelic Society of America  A website for learning Scots Gaelic.
Scottish Radiance  More information on Scots Gaelic.
Scottish Language Site   Learn Scots Gaelic.
Irish Culture and Customs  Information about Ireland including Irish Gaelic.

Medieval Sources and Literature
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies   A compendium of information about the Middle Ages.
Medieval Sourcebook  A compendium of information about the Middle Ages.
ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies   The ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students. All articles have been judged by at least two peer reviewers. Authors are held to high standards of accuracy, currency, and relevance to the field of medieval studies
Rob's Norman Bibliography  This is a bibliography of works on Norman history between the Viking settlement of c. 900 and the turnover of Normandy by Geoffrey le Bel to Henry II in 1150
Illumination Search Engine Web Site   A great site for finding illuminations.

Fabric Store  Great fabric choices.
Sewing Central  Also known as "The Merlion's Tail". An SCA merchant. An excellent source for linen and silk.
Calontir Trim  This page has every kind of trim ever dreamed of. He also has SCA specific trim. Drix merchants at most Calontir events. He also is at all the SCA Wars. He ships anywhere.
Raymond's Quiet Press  A provider to living history and historical reenactment groups of Roman, Saxon, Viking, Celtic, and Medieval jewelry brooches, pennanullars, cloak clasps, belt buckles, stiffeners, and tips, spurs, crosses, thor's hammers, pendants, hip belts, helm brasses and drinking horns. Recreations are based on finds from Sutton Hoo, Taplow, Coppergate, Vendel, Museum of London, English, and Scandinavian digs.
Wm. Booth Linen and Woolen Draper, Haberdasher &c  A great source for linen, hemp etc. He specializes in later period items but fabric is fabric.

Web Gallery of Art
Nelson Atkins Museum, KC
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Costume
German Historical Museum
Images from Victoria and Albert Museum
Images from New York Public Library

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