Costuming Through The Centuries

Table of Contents


flowerMeasurement Page

flowerGeneric SCA Clothes

flowerGeometric Construction of Tunic

flower500 AD Celtic British Peplos

flower800 AD Anglo Saxon Tunic

flower900 AD Viking Apron Dress

flower1146 AD Norman

flower1220 AD Cyclas

flower1330 AD Cotehardie

flower1380 AD Man's Cotehardie

flower1350 AD Sideless Surcoat

flower1410 AD Houppelande

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flower1450 AD Yorkist (Under Construction)

flower1460 AD Italian

flower1475 AD Transitional(Under Construction)

flower1565 AD Elizabethan Loose Gown and Kirtle

flower1575 AD Irish Leine and Overdress

flower1565 AD Elizabethan Underwear

flower1575 AD Elizabethan Doublet and Skirt

flower1560 AD Persian

flowerDraft a Basic Pattern Block


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