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From the outset I wish the reader to understand that this web site does not presume to be the final words on costuming in the Middle Ages. It is simply the consolidation of my many years of sewing and my fourteen years of research into costuming. I continue to search for more information in hopes of expanding my knowledge of this subject. Members of the SCA and other Medieval Re-enactment groups will hopefully use this work as a reference work on costuming design. If any individual finds my information to be misleading, or just wants to make a general comment, please write me and tell me so.

I really like to get email. Please make sure that you include the name of this web page (Caitlin's Clothing) in the subject line. Because of my busy life - I'm a college professor - I sometimes get behind in answering my mail. I will try to answer everyone as soon as I can. If you haven't heard from me in two weeks, please resend your message. Thank you.

E-mail me at HL Caitlin nic Raighne

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